Gauteng people without internet can apply for school at certain centers and libraries

17 Apr 2018


The Gauteng Education Department has in its implementation of the 2018 online school application system for the 2019 school year made a provision for parents without access to the internet.

In the past two years the department faced complaints from a considerable number of parents who struggled to secure schools for their children due to lack of access to the internet.

Gauteng MEC for education, Panyaza Lesufi said  “Any parent who lacks access to the internet or require face-to-face assistance should visit one of the decentralised application centres or a community library. The Department will operate 65 admissions centres across the 15 education districts.

“Alternatively, parents can contact the Department at the following telephone or email address:

Call Centre on (011) 355 0000;

Toll free number 0800 000 789; or


In its third year the Gauteng online school application system is used to apply for Grade 1 and 8 only. For all other Grades (Grades 2-7 and Grade 9-11) parents should apply at the school.

Another notable point is that parents a parent can apply for a maximum of five schools per learner using the following options for Grade 1:

  1. Home Address
  2. Work Address
  3. Sibling
  4. School of Choice

For Grade 8, a parent can apply using the following options:

  1. Home Address
  2. Work Address
  3. Sibling at school (the sibling should not be in Grade 7 or Grade 12 in the current academic year)
  4. Previous school
  5. School of Choice
  6. Schools of Focussed Learning/School of Specialisation.

The department said parents should note that while they can apply at any of the schools with a focus on specialised talent, the learner will however be required to write an aptitude test or be subjected to other pre-selections tests.

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