More media companies settle collussion case

8 May 2018

The Commission has referred to the Competition Tribunal for confirmation settlement agreements involving two more media companies involved in the media collusion case.

This is after Mediamark and United Stations admitted that they engaged in prohibited practices in contravention of the Competition Act through their participation in price fixing and the fixing of trading conditions.

Mediamark has agreed to pay an administrative penalty of R1 013 803.94 (one million and thirteen thousand, eight hundred and three rand and ninety-four cents) and United Stations will pay R423 920.73 (four hundred and twenty-three thousand, nine hundred and twenty rand and seventy three cents).

This brings the total number of companies that have settled in this matter to eight (8).


Both companies have also agreed to a package of remedies, including:

  • Economic Development Fund contributions. Mediamark will contribute R364 969.42 (three hundred and sixty four thousand, nine hundred and sixty nine rand and forty-two cents) and United Stations R152 611.46 (one hundred and fifty two thousand, six hundred and eleven rand and forty-six cents);
  • Providing 25% in bonus advertising space for every Rand of airtime bought by qualifying small agencies (which meet the criteria in the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act) for three years. Mediamark will provide space of R2 500 000.00 (two million five hundred thousand rand) annually while United Stations will provide R1 500 000.00 (one million five hundred thousand rand) annually;
  • Full cooperation with the Commission in the media collusion case until all litigation is finalised; and
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of a competition law compliance programme as part of their respective corporate governance policies.

Penalties to date

 To date, the companies below have entered into settlements on this case:

1 DStv Media Sales (Pty) Ltd R22 262 599.00
2 Independent Media (Pty) Ltd R2 220 603.00
3 Caxton & CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd R5 806 890.14
4 Provantage Media R1 094 222.00
5 Media24 R13 828 892.26
6 MTV Networks Africa (MTV) R966 692.83

 Economic Development Fund contributions to date 

1 DStv Media Sales (Pty) Ltd R8 000 000.00
2 Independent Media (Pty) Ltd R799 417.00
3 Caxton & CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd R2 090 480.45
4 Provantage Media R393 920.12
5 Media24 R4 978 401.21
6 MTV Networks Africa (MTV) R348 009.42


 The case relates to a November 2011 investigation which found that, through the Media Credit Co-Ordinators (MCC), various media companies agreed to offer similar discounts and payment terms to advertising agencies that place advertisements with MCC members.

The Commission found that the practices restricted competition among the competing companies, as they did not independently determine the discounts and thereby fixed the price and trading terms in contravention of the Competition Act.

Media companies listed in the matter

  • SABC (SOC) Limited;
  • Media 24 Ltd; Media 24 Magazines; (settled)
  • Independent Newspapers (Pty) Ltd; (settled)
  • The Mail & Guardian (Pty) Ltd;
  • Avusa Media Limited;
  • DSTV Media Sales (Pty) Ltd; (settled)
  • MTV Networks Africa (Pty) Ltd; (settled)
  • Primedia (Pty) Ltd;
  • Primedia Outdoor (Pty) Ltd;
  • Cinemark (Pty) Ltd;
  • Comutanet (Pty) Ltd;
  • Conde Nast Independent Magazine;
  • Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd and the Citizen 1978 (Pty) Ltd; (settled)
  • Spark Media (Pty) Ltd;
  • Apurimac Media;
  • Provantage Media (Pty) Ltd; (settled)
  • Mediamark (Pty) Ltd; (settled)
  • Carpe Diem Media;
  • Rodale And Touchline;
  • Mandla-Matla Publishing (Pty) Ltd;
  • Ramsay Media;
  • Lugan Investments (Pty) Ltd;
  • Associated Media (Pty) Ltd;
  • Associated Hearst (Pty) Ltd;
  • Capro (Pty) Ltd;
  • Trudon (Pty) Ltd;
  • United Stations (Pty) Ltd; (settled)
  • Continental Outdoor (Pty) Ltd;
  • Apurimac Media CC; and
  • Media Credit Co-Ordinators (MCC).


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