Watch white man in African traditional gear calls: REPENT

11 May 2018


A white man bearing a cross of Jesus Christ of Nazareth on the back of a Range Rover, clad in mixed African traditional gear, exhorting people to REPENT on top of his voice, has become a curious feature of Braamfontein.

He features on the western edges of the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD) from time to time. We caught up with the crusader today and captured him on video. He says his gear is designed to spread the gospel in a way that appeals to different kinds of South African cultures: the Umlungu, UmZulus, BaSotho, VhaVenda etc.

He also distributes a pamphlet titled: “The Guide” and sub titled The Heart of Man. It features words like; “You are either ruled by Satan or by God; you are either a slave to sin or a servant of God. If sin rules your life, do not deny it, but cry out to god.”

Here follows the short video where the man speaks:

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