How to get a free B-BBEE certificate via the CIPC website: A step by step guide

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21 Jun 2018
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Small enterprises can now apply and be issued with a Broad Based Black Economic (B-BBEE) certificate via website of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and as part of the CIPC’s e-services.

Lunched on 1 April 2018 the B-BBEE certificate service works in the following manner.

The following conditions apply:

  • Only directors of companies or members of close corporations can apply for a B-BBEE certificate.
  • Only companies and close corporations with a turnover of less than R10 million can apply via CIPC.
  • All annual returns filings for the relevant company or close corporation need to be up to date.
  • Application for B-BBEE certificate can be done at any time (not only when registering a company or filing annual returns).
  • Applicant must agree to the B-BBEE terms and conditions.
  • A director amendment (CoR39) or member amendment (CK2) must be filled if the director or member’s email address or telephone number is not correct or up to date

Steps to follow

  1. Visit the website and click on Online Transacting/E-services.
  2. Sign in with your customer code and password.
  3. Click on the Transact-button on the top right corner of the home page
  4. Select the menu item B-BBEE certificate/New B-BBEE application
  5. A list of companies/close corporations of which you are a director will display. Click on Apply next to the applicable company/close corporation.
  6. Complete required fields to verify relative’s detail
  7. All directors/members will receive One Time Pins (OTP), which must be provided to the applicant to complete the verification.
  8. Complete the questions relating to shareholders.
  9. The calculation of B-BBEE level will be displayed on the screen.
  10. Read and accept terms and conditions
  11. The B-BBEE certificate will be generated and emailed to the customer

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