Sign the protest petition against IAAF: We are Caster Semenya! We are Dutee Chand! We are the women condemned by the IAAF in 1946, 1966 etc

11 Jun 2018

Sign the protest petition against IAAF: We are Caster Semenya, We are Dutee Chand ...


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The International Association of Athletics Federations' (IAAF's) new rules that seek to regulate female testosterone levels are deplorable for a number of reasons, not least the bad science that they come with and the total disregard of human rights. They must be stopped!

Thus; we the people of the world -organised as activists for human rights and gender equality, progressive scientists, sport fans, athletes and ordinary folks who are lovers of freedom- rise up to express our disgust at these new IAAF rules.
We rise because we are Caster Semenya. If these rules are left unchallenged, Caster Semenya and others like her will be expected to ingest all sorts of chemicals to modify their natural being in order to participate in a social event.
We see this as equivalent to the racial discrimination that condemned and excluded people from public life for their natural attributes.

We are Dutee Chand, the Indian female sprinter who had to endure all sorts of prejudicial obstacles set on her track because her body naturally produced what has been branded as ‘too much testosterone’. The IAAF cast her aside for the biological condition, hyperandrogenism, that she shares with Caster Semenya.
We hear Dutee Chand’s declaration that: Hyperandrogenism is natural, god-given. We were born this way, we have not done anything to our body to change it.

We are the women of 1946 who were required by the IAAF to submit medical certificates to verify their sex before they can participate in athletics.
We are the women of the 1966 European Athletics Championship who the IAAF made to undergo “nude parades” to prove their sex.

We are the female athletes at the 1966 Commonwealth Games who had to undergo gynecological exams.

We are Mary Peters who after undergoing gynecological examination exclaimed: (It was) the most crude and degrading experience I have ever known in my life.

We stand with Semenya in her declaration that: God made me the way I am and I accept myself. I am who I am and I am proud of myself.

We set out to condemn and do everything within our powers to push back the prejudicial IAAF’s new rules.

This petition was initiated by ProBonoMatters.

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10 Responses

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  2. Bandile Nkabinde

    Recently when Caster won she tried to shake hands with a fellow athlete from the UK and was openly snubbed by this athlete. I do mot believe this has anything to do with anything but a racist attempt at the subjugation of black excellence at the altar of white envy for the athletic prowess of the black people in general

  3. Mike

    Are this bunch going to find some differentiator with regards to Usain Bolt and force him to take drugs to reduce his competitive advantage?

    They seem strangely silent on anything along those lines.

    To suggest that a female athlete should take harmful drugs to reduce any natural advantage she might have is downright disgraceful.

    If these female athletes were getting such an outrageous advantage that they were trashing all standing records and coming close to the competitive times for men then they still would be misguided in trying to stop them.

    However, the reality is that they’re not trashing all old records nor coming close to the mens’ records, so where is this determined effort coming from and why?

    Disgusting people to have as “administrators”.

    They should all be turfed out and sent on some sort of counselling intervention to attempt to turn them into better human beings.

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