Council prepares petition to support new anti-smoking laws

17 Jul 2018


The National Council Against Smoking ( has teamed up with to set up a petition for people to show their support of the new anti-smoking laws.

The bill will make it impossible for smokers to put non-smokers at risk.

The new bill is centred on four new legislative provisions:

  • The removal of enclosed smoking areas.
  • Regulations around the use of e-cigarettes
  • Plain packaged cigarette boxes with pictorial warnings.
  • The removal of cigarette vending machines and tobacco marketing materials at till points.

About 19% of South Africans light up cigarettes and other tobacco products every day. The provisions in the bill is aimed at protecting the health of the remaining 81% of the population.

The bill is open for comment until August 9. The Amandla. mobi and National Council Against Smoking petition can be accessed [here](

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