Mduduzi Manana is a Banana: They’re all the same. The whole lot. The ANC, the DA and the EFF

25 Jul 2018

By: Ebrahim Fakir

Mduduzi Manana, the ANC Member of Parliament known for women bashing, is a Banana. Well, actually he is beyond a Banana. He is ridiculous and evil. And he unfortunately represents a norm within South Africa’s major political parties.

The country’s politics, in general, are now in a moral no man’s land. We are in the moral abyss. We no longer have leaders. We are left with mere ‘politicians’ and they are woeful at politicking.


Repeatedly, politicians have proven to be abusive and manipulative of people, of policies, of procedures and of processes. This is true of all of the current three largest political parties, the African National Congress (ANC), the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

They take us for fools. They evade accountability, take no responsibility and engage in bad public relations. They have absolutely no morality. When all else fails they engage in crude identity politics – stoking racial conflagration and enmity.

They do this repeatedly which calls for all South Africans to become wary cynics and be suspicious of what they are told and especially by politicians from across the party divides.


The EFF proudly flaunts its relationship with a cigarette smuggling, tax evading gangster. It’s politics, policies and practices are the product of half-baked ideas and a clobbered together hodgepodge of an inadequate and partial understanding of its ‘radical’ derivations.

The DA has its own dodgy relationships with the cruel and the crooked, and it has no consistency in applying its own rules with fidelity. In some cases it doesn’t even know what its own rules are, nor are they clear about what they stand for politically and ideologically. They are shrill, inchoate and incoherent.


The ANC? Well, the less said the better. One would need volumes to itemise their misdemeanours and gangsterism. It could be summed up as an increasingly vacuous and venal bunch of hypocritical moral relativists with double (or quadruple) standards. Three recent incidences give a clear indication of where they are.

The crook, Tony Yengeni, is elected to chair a safety and security committee of the ANC. The Gauteng ANC has the gall to elect Qedani Mahlangu and Brian Hlongwa onto its Provincial Executive Committee. Mahlangu’s election comes after she was heavily implicated in the Life Esidimeni saga, in a bureaucratic bungling that claimed the lives of more than 180 psychiatric patients. And Hlongwa was implicated in a report by the Special Investigative Unit (SIU) that exposed fraudulent dealings worth about R1.2 billion while he was MEC of health in Gauteng.


But Mduduzi ‘Banana’ takes the split. After abusing two women on two separate occasions, he is neither disciplined by the ANC nor parliament. On the eve of having to appear before an ethics probe of parliament, he resigns as an MP. People celebrate!

He believes this is some kind of rehabilitation and recompense and he ‘sells’ it as such to what he thinks is an unsuspecting public. He claims he resigns from parliament now, because doing so before would have been premature. He says he “did not resign earlier despite ‘mounting pressure’ because he felt it would have been a ‘premature step’ and would have most likely amounted to admission of guilt”.

He continues… “[I] voluntary withdraw my membership from the National Assembly…. This will give me ample opportunity to focus my energies on the work of my political organisation ahead of the 2019 general elections and my business interests.”

All the while he is really doing so to completely evade any accountability and to avoid appearing before a parliamentary probe.

What Utter Tosh! Bunkum! F@$&* rubbish!

Ebrahim Fakir is Director of Programmes at ASRI (Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute).

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