Sasol refuse to pay out Inzalo shares for my deceased father

Posted on:
21 Aug 2018
Investment, Personal
Posted by:
Willem olivier

Sasol refuse to pay out my deceased father inzalo shares because of economical reasons which is a lie they are stealing his money which is due to me. I’m gonna get behind this matter.

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  1. Nokululeko

    My father passed away in March and i received a letter regarding his sasol inzalo shares and he told me about but i called and they told me they deposited R1700 and something to my father’s account but i closed his bank account and the bank did not inform me and he was suppose to get all his share money according to the letter and the information i got from sasol what will happen to my father’s money??

  2. Zee

    Similar case. My father passed in away in 2009 just after buying them. Please share if you have any information. CompuShare helpline is always busy…

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