I’m being denied access to my grandson: What can I do?

Posted on:
11 Sep 2018
Posted by:
Etrecia Smal

After my son’s breakup with his ex girlfriend with whom he had a son in 2012, he moved to Cape Town in order to get better job opportunities to earn more for helping raising his child. The ex since then refuse any contact with my grandson’s blood family. I brought an application before court for visitation rights which was refused by the court and not even heard by the court, due to the fact that my son saw my grandson last in 2015. Even with his attempts to keep contact with my grandson, I am still denied any contact with my grandson. My grandson’s mother just refuse for what so ever reason. The latest court case of my son result in denial of all access and contact with his son unless he pay a social worker R2600 for 2 hours to prepare his son to bond with him again. According to this, me as the grandmother’s case was not even heard by the court unless they sorted out my son’s case. The mother of my grandson threatens my son that if he move back to Gauteng from the Cape, she will then move to her family with their son to Cape Town which puts him in a very uncomfortable position, although the ex still claiming maintenance from him. Me as the grandmother just need to visit my grandson and was refuse any contact since 2013. All attempts to communicate with the mother, results in an dead end and aggressiveness from the mother. Please advise

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