My vehicle, Dodge Nitro, got damaged after Sasol petrol attendant put in petrol instead of diesel. What should I do?

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17 Sep 2018
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On the 30 November 2017 I was at Sasol Kingsview fueling station in White River Mpumalanga Province driving a Dodge Nitro 2.8 diesel, I asked the fuel attendant to fill up a diesel. Instead of using a diesel pump he accidentally used unleaded petrol pump and one litre of petrol was already inside the tank when he stopped. I told the fuel attendant that the fuel must be drained but the fueling station Manager convinced me that the petrol won’t cause any damage to the vehicle but I was not convinced but he insisted that if the vehicle broke down I must report the matter to him. I drove the vehicle and parked inside my garage without any problem.

On 07 December 2017, I drove the vehicle without showing any fault but immediately broke down in the middle of the road approximately 140 km from home. I contacted Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge and explained the situation and confirmed that the fuel supposed to be drained immediately and advised me that the vehicle has to be checked by the nearest dealership.

On the 08 December 2017 I reported the matter to the fueling station manager and organized that the vehicle must be towed.I followed-up with the person who towed my vehicle and confirmed that the petrol caused a major damage to the engine. I contacted the person who towed my vehicle and confirmed that the insurance has removed the vehicle to Union motors specializing with Dodge because they don’t believed that the petrol can damage the engine. I contacted the dealership in order to confirm whether if the vehicle was booked to be inspected however they confirmed that no bookings was made and they know nothing about the vehicle. I tracked my vehicle and found that the vehicle is standing at SMD scrap yard. On 08 January 2018 IUM insurance rejected the claim and confirmed that according to the report from the diesel mechanic it was confirmed that only the injectors would have been damaged due to the petrol and their client was not negligent.

What should I do now? Please advise.

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  1. MJ Khan

    Hi Nyezij. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Please send me a mail ( with ‘Dodge Nitro’ in the subject line and your contact details and I will forward it to our retail management team.

  2. nyezij

    Thanks for responding Mr Khan, highly appreciated however numerous attempts have been made to the business owner in person as well as to the retail management team before I posted my matter in question but they have been unsuccessful, it appeared to be on the road to no resolution and the problem of the damage remained.

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