Sasol Inzalo for Ex-employees: Whats the deal?

Posted on:
18 Sep 2018
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Tina David

I’m Sasol ex-employees. I volunteered for retrenchment at the end of November 2014 on the premise that in 2018 I will receive my payout from the Sasol Inzalo Employee scheme. I am aware that the scheme was dissolved and a new scheme – Sasol Khanyisa- has come into effect for current employees. What benefit is there for us the ex Sasol employees. It should be be noted that for many employees who took the decision to volunteer retrenchment, the Inzalo scheme was a huge financial consideration at the time.

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  1. Louisa Modiehi Ramokonopi

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  2. Aaron

    Sasol must be sued for bridge of promise for the empty promise to the ex employees and their employees.We can’t just wait for ten years for nothing.This is so heartbreaking and it’s causing illnesses to some of us.

  3. Gareth Mongoath

    Indeed this was huge disappointment to ex-employees, we waited for 10 long years only to discover that we will get nothing. We considered the benefits before we volunteered for retrenchment, and the SASOL Employee Shares prompted most of us to volunteer. I really think that SASOL should reconsider their decision in regards to compensating us.

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