What next as Sasol Inzalo Public BEE schemes comes to an end: Here all you need to know

17 Sep 2018
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Ujuh Reporter

On the 17th of September 2018, Sasol Inzalo Public (SIPBEE) paid out about R1.3 billion or R85.63 per share (less tax) to its investors bringing to an end the life of this broad based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) share. The SIPBEE shares will delist from the JSE on  September 18. It will be reincarnated, so to speak, as Sasol Khanyisa.

Many Sasol Inzalo Public investors are asking us: And so what now?  Here are the critical things you need to know.

The dividend

If your contact and banking details were in order you must have been paid by now. And the time it takes for the payment to reflect on your account depends on your bank.

To ensure that your contact and banking details are in order, contact Computershare where you can update these details if needs be via their call centre.

Computershare contacts  are as follows:

 Email: sasolinzalo@computershare.co.za
Call Centre toll-free: 0800 000 222 or
Call Centre (International): +27(0)11 370 7700

Sasol Khanyisa

The delisting of Sasol Inzalo on September 18 brings to an end the share’s 10 years journey. And now the focus shift to Sasol Khanyisa.

Qualifying SIPBEE shareholders would have been invited to participate in the Sasol Khanyisa allocation along the following lines.

SIPBEE shareholders were offered the following:

  •  Sasol Khanyisa Public share for every Sasol Inzalo Public or Groups share held, at no cost, and
  • SOLBE1 share for every 10 Sasol Khanyisa Public shares that are immediately tradeable, at no cost.
    As an example, if you own 100 Sasol Inzalo Public shares you will receive at no cost to you:

100 Sasol Khanyisa Public shares, funded by Sasol; and
a further 10 SOLBE1 shares
All SOLBE1 shares, issued at no cost to you, are tradeable from the date of issue.

Sasol Inzalo investors come together to seek justice

Sasol Khanyisa shares are not listed and therefore cannot be traded. Sasol has promised that the Khanyisa shares will be tradeable after three years, that’s in 2021.


10 Responses

  1. S Sarubdeo

    I have updated my personal details and banking details and submitted the form to computershare. How long will this process take? There seems to be no assistance from the call centre for computershare. Being trying now for 5 days!!!

    • M Manan

      I have tried calling the call centre for days with no satisfaction.
      I can only conclude that the call centre is a dud. I am starting to wonder if it is not just a situation of running through a computer loop.

      I am planning to change my bank details but this is frustrating me to no end.

  2. Jonah Ramiah

    sent several emails requesting sasol to change my banking details. It was never done.
    queried with the call centre only to be told that money was paid into my non existent bank account. The call centre is of no help and giving me the run around. When can I expect to get my sasol inzalo share payment into my correct bank account.

  3. Xolie

    I tried on several occasions to go through the contact center since 1st of September 2018 but the numbers are on auto. The message from morning till afternoon says they are busy we should call back. What nonsense is this from Sasol. If you go through the reception desk you hold for eternity. Upsetting

  4. Sabiha Soofie

    My bank details have changed and it’s such a challenge to get decent service from Computershare. Called the call centre several times. Sent an email twice in the last 2 weeks to Computershare. The call center is never available and no response to emails as well. Very frustrating

  5. Abenathi Ndlovu

    I tried updating my bank detail long ago but i did not recieve payment when i tried to make a call i waited for more than 20mimutes nobody answer the call now i am so frustrated

  6. as andries

    update my bank details on 3 October 2018.still did not received any payment despite letter stated that payment would be make on 17 September 2018

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