Bullied at Cape Peninsula University of Technology: What can I do?

Posted on:
8 Oct 2018
Personal, Workplace
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Colleen Moodley

I was victimised and bullied at CPUT and the matter was reported to the VCs office. Despite removing the initial perpetrator from the department the bullying continued-involved a group of individuals who operate clandestinely. Bullying included: removal of physical documents and files form my computer and locked rooms , intimidation, verbal abuse, damage to my vehicle (exhaust was broken twice), non- provision of equipment -computers etc- provision of old and used equipment when new ones was supposed to be provided, etc. The matter came to a head when I was verbally threatened: told I would see what would happened to me while being pointed in my face, by black colleagues (former student and part of the bullying clique). Based on the advice of the employee relations officer of the institution and the union representation, I reported the matter and was granted a protection order on 13 January 2017. I was transferred to a Campus approximately 40 km away from my home. I was on the Bellville campus which was 10 km from home and transferred to Granger Bay campus and instructed by the dean, the ER officer and HR to start my duties there as I was the one who initiated the protection order and therefore I had to be removed. Ironically the head of that department also had a harassment case against him and the female colleague was transferred to the Bellville campus. To date nothing has happened to the perpetrator who has also refused to sign the same warning offered to him. After being transferred, I received a phone call from my HOD to sign a warning -which I refused to sign (a copy in my possession). However at a CCMA meeting on 19 October 2017, CPUT Employee relations officer denied issuing it. I have repeatedly requested assistance with the added traveling costs, which the university ignores. I finally received a written response indicating their policies don’t permit payment of petrol costs. I have also suffered grave psychological damage (PTSD) and, extra costs. Please advise:  What can I do?

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