Explained: The ins and outs of Islamic Banking

Ujuh Reporter South Africa is one of many African countries that enable citizens to benefit from the unique benefits of Islamic financial services. FNB Islamic Banking CEO, Amman Muhammad, explains how Islamic Banking works:  Islamic banking...

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OUTA dismisses threat of legal action against e-toll defaulters

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“Threats by the Electronic Tolling Collection (ETC) through its contractor ITC-Business Administrators to summons a ‘selection of motorists’ with high outstanding e-toll bills, risks sinking SANRAL’s entire e-toll ship through the collateral challenge that will ensue...

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South Africa’s gender equality movement loses steam

Ujuh Reporter South Africa’s gender equality project is slowing in the boardroom at a time when other countries, mainly in Western Europe are making interesting advancement. Days before International Women’s Day last week, Germany passed a...

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