How Does ProBonoMatters Work?

What is ProBonoMatters?

ProBonoMatters is an open online platform designed to help ordinary people access the Justice System to secure and exercise their rights and freedoms.

How Does It Work?

  1. Report The Matter

Members of the public can report a legal matter that they think deserves attention from the wider network of legal minds hosted by ProBonoMatters. Members of the network will on a voluntary basis scrutinise the matter and issue their opinion in the open.

  1. Get an Opinion in the Open

The opinion can come in two forms. The opinion can be an advice on how to resolve the matter. Such an advice will stand to be scrutinised by other members of the broader network in a way that may lead into a synthesis.

  1. Escalate into Private Consultation

The opinion can come in form of a proposal to escalate the matter into a private consultation, Pro Bono, if the concerned parties are so willing. Most legal service providers use a means test to decide if a person deserves a Pro Bono service. The escalation into private consultation is limited to bona fide members of the ProBono network. These are registered legal professionals.

The conclusion of the matter will then be reported back into the ProBonoMatters open pages for the benefit of the broader ecosystem which we call Open Source Legal Service.