How to Report A Matter (A Guideline)?

This guide is designed to help you present the matter in the most efficient way so that your matter can get maximum attention from members of the ProBonoMatters network.

Keep It Short and Sweet

As is the case with most writing assignments, the KISS (Keep It Short and Sweet) principle shall not fail you.

It is generally accepted that most of the people who browse the net prefer short packages of information and not lengthy thick rails of text. As such you are advised that your reporting of a matter is about 500 words and not more than 800 words.

Be Brief

You can explain your matter in no more than 300 words. 500 words is the ideal length. Do not exceed 800 words.

Be Simple

Explain your matter in the simplest form possible. Explain as if you are telling a story to a five year old. Avoid jargon.

Be Precise

Avoid flowery language and jargon concentrate on capturing the cracks of the matter. Don’t dwell too much on background.

Be Concise

Be economic in usage of words. Don’t prolong your sentences by using unnecessary words and phrases.

Explain, Do not Insult

While ProBonoMatters is a platform for vulnerable people to express their frustration and sort help, this platform should not be seen as a licence to hurl insults at your enemies. No matter how deeply hurt you are it is important to remain rationale for the sake of justice.

Uphold Principle of Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Remember that this platform is about equality before the law. As much as you seek justice, remember that your alleged offender is innocent until proven guilty.

Exhaust Immediate Avenues
It is advisable to come to ProBonoMatters once you have exhausted all other means accessible to you. Here are some of the resources you may wish to tap before you post your matter here.

We Reserve the Right to Edit and Delete

If we pick up anything that comes across as libellous we will withdraw or edit it accordingly.

Please alert us on this platform should you pick up anything that may be libellous.