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    Laminated glass balcony
    Product description
    Balcony is a platform projecting out from the wall of a building, usually balcony is above the ground floor. Laminated glass is widely used around balcony not only because its sleek and modern appearance, its variant color and pattern options, help to realize designer’s ideas, but also because it can protect people from injury. Because laminated glass is kind of safety glass with two or more pieces of glass are boned together by PVB or EVA under high temperature or pressure, even when broken, it will break into “spider web” cracking pattern, and held most of the small pieces still stick to PVA or EVA. We, Hyde Glass make a lot laminated glass balcony every year for inland and abroad market. Our edging machine is imported from Bottero Italian, glass edges are polished shinning, also we have fully automatic drilling machine, quality of our laminated glass balcony is very good, we have CCC and CE certificate for our products.
    Product specification
    Product nameLaminated glass balcony
    Thickness12.76mm, 16.76mm, 11.52mm, 13.52mm, 17.52mm, etc. Laminated glass thickness can be customized
    size1200*1000mm, 1500*1000mm, 1000*1000mm, 1200*1200mm, 1500*1200mm, etc, balcony laminated glass size can be customized
    ColorClear, ultra clear, white, milky white, pink, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black, grey, etc
    ApplicationBalcony, Partition wall, doors, windows, facade, canopy, roof, balustrade, staircase, curtain wall, front shop, skylight, etc
    certificateCCC, CE, ISO
    Delivery timeWithin 10 to 20 days after received first deposit
    paymentT/T, L/C, Paypal, etc
    PackingInter layer paper, string, or cork liners between two sheets, outside plastic films
    Plywood crates worthy for ocean and land carriage
    Wide iron strip for consolidation
    Main application
    Packing & shippingChina Architectural Building Laminated Safety Glass manufacturers