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    Environmental Protection Refined Fatty Acid Methyl Ester
    Molecular formula:RCOO CH3
    Molecular weight:Abt 295
    Ingredient:99.5% Fatty Acid Methyl Ester ,0.5% Impurit Application: used as biomass is widely used in the synthesis of senior environmental protection plasticizer, surface active agent, fatty alcohols, senior lubricating oil and fuel additive, emulsifying agent, spice solvents and other fields
    PropertyUnitValue RangeResult
    Ester content%(m/m)96min99
    Density at 15? Kg/m3850-900880
    Kinematic viscosity
    at 40? Mm2/s3.5-5.0PASS
    Flash point ?101min176
    Sulfur content Mg/kg10max6
    Cetane Number 16 -51minPASS
    Sulfated ash content %(m/m)0.02maxPASS
    Water content Mg/kg500max100
    Total contamination Mg/kg24maxPASS
    Copper Strip Corrosion(3 hours at 50?)ratingClass 1 maxPASS
    oxidation stability,110?(accelerated oxidation)Hours
    Acid valuemgKOH/g0.5max0.26
    iodine value G iodine/100g
    linolenic acid methyl ester
    polyunsaturated(>=4 Double bonds)
    methyl Ester %(m/m)1maxPASS
    methanol content %(m/m)0.2maxPASS
    monoglyceride content %(m/m)0.7maxPASS
    diglyceride cintent %(m/m)0.2maxPASS
    triglyceride content %(m/m)0.2maxPASS
    free glyceride %(m/m)0.02maxPASS
    total glycerine %(m/m)0.25max.PASS
    Group I metals(Na +K)Mg/kg5maxPASS
    groupII metals(Ca+Mg)Mg/kg5maxPASS
    phosphorus content Mg/kg4maxPASS
    cold filter plugging point ?4max0
    CONCLUSIONPASSchina Ca-Zn Stabilizer suppliers