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    G200 HSR Screw Hidden Flat Top Pool Gates
    Product Overview
    BETA’s gates match all fence styles and are manufactured from high strength aluminum extrusions. Three-rail design is simple, clean, and strong.
    BETA aluminum gates have a reinforced double-wall rail with hidden fasteners.
    We provide an elegant and attractive solution to complete your aluminum fencing system.
    Gate is flat on the top and has exposed pickets on the bottom, providing a more secure enclosure. Gate features a smooth powder-coated finish, a more durable finish than paint, to help prevent chipping, rust and stand the test of time and weather.
    Gate comes pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.
    Gate Height (in.): 48
    Gate Width (in.): 48
    Picket length (in.):48
    Picket spacing (in.): 3.8
    Picket width (in.): 5/8”
    Rail length (in.):46
    Rail width (in.):1×1”
    Post length (in.):49
    Post width (in.): 1.625
    Color Finish: Black, white and Bronze
    Fasteners: Stainless steel screws
    Includes: Rails, Pickets, Posts, Hardware
    Product Weight (lb.): 14Customized Flat Top Gates