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    Model: GRFH10
    GRFH10 Hydraulic freight elevator has the multiple lifting modes. It is applicable for the elevators with different traveling heights and capacity so as to satisfy various requirements from customers.
    Compared with traction elevator, hydraulic elevator has the following obvious advantages:
    1. Flexible setting of the machine room position
    Top machine room is not needed. A machine room can be flexibly set within 10 meters range near the shaft which more comply with the individual design requirements of the constructions.
    2. Saving space and energy consumption, reducing the cost.
    Counterweight device is not needed, which increases the utilization rate of the hoistway and greatly saves the construction space and costs. Meanwhile, when the elevator is going downwards, depending upon the work done by the cabin’s own weight, no electricity is consumed.
    3. The highest safety and reliability
    Apart from all the safety protection devices of the traction elevators, we additionally add the multiple hydraulic circuit protection systems such as safety valve, limited speed disconnecting valve etc.
    4. The products are of the compact structure, low fault rate, easy for the daily maintenance
    Standard Function
    Travel FunctionCollective selective controllCollective selective controlling without the presence of operator
    Drive driveWe fulfill the elevator travel through controlling the liquid flow in the electronic valve.
    VVVF Door operatorMotor rotating speed can be precisely adjusted to get the more gentle and sensitive door machine start/stop.
    Reopen with hall callIn the door shutting process,press reopen with hall call button can restart the door
    Car stops and door openThe lift decelerates and levels,the door only opens after the lift comes to a complete stop
    Automactic returning to the base stationWhen the traffic flow is low, elevator without receiving commanding signals will automatically return to the base floor and standby with the door closed
    Directly runningUnder the operator’s control, after the direct running button is pressed, the elevator only runs directly according to the directives from inside the car and does not respond to any calls from outside.
    Automatic pass without stopWhen the car is crowded with the passenger or the load is close to preset value,the car will automatically pass the calling landing in order to keep maimum travel efficiency
    Safety functionRepeated door closingIf the lift can not close the door due to certain obstacle or interference, the lift will reopen or re-shut the door until sundries results in more safe and reliable lift travel
    Power on re-levelingA power failure might cause the elevator to stop between two floors. However, upon recovery of the power, the car automatically moves to the nearest leveling floor.
    Overload holding stopWhen the car is overload,the buzzer rings and stops the lift in the same floor
    Start protection controlIf the lift does not leave door zone within the designated time after it gets started,it will stop the operation
    Inspection operationWhen the lift enters into inspection operation,the car travels at inching running
    Up/down over-run and final limit protectionThe device can effectively prevent from the lift’s surging to the top or knocking the bottom when it is out of control.It results in more safe and reliable lift travel
    Down over-speed protection deviceWhen the lift downs 1.2 times higher than the rated speed, this device will automatically cut off control mains,stop the motor running so as to stop lift down at over-speed. If the lift continues to down at over-speed, and the speed is 1.4 times higher than rated speed, safety tongs act to force the lift stop in order to ensure the safety
    Photocell protectionIn the door open and close period, infrared light that covers the whole door height is used to probe the door protection device of both the passengers and objects.
    Emergency functionEmergency car lightingEmergency car lighting automatically activated once power failure
    Five way intercomCommunication amid car,car top,lift machine room,well pit and rescue duty room through walkie-talkie
    Fire emergency returnIf you start key switch in main landing or monitor screen,all the callings will be cancelled.The lift directly and immediately drives to the designated rescue landing and automatically opens the door
    Man-machine interfaceMicro-touch button for car call and hall callNovel micro-touch button is used for operation panel command button in the car and landing calling button
    Floor and direction indicatior inside carThe car shows the lift floor location and current travel direction
    Floor and direction indicator in hallThe landing shows the lift floor location and current travel direction
    Energy-saving functionCar ventilation, light automatic shut offIf there is no calling or command signal within the stipulated time, the car fan and lighting will be automatically closed in order to save the energy
    Remote shut-offThe lift can be called to main landing(after finishing the service) through the key switch and automatically exists the service
    Optional Function
    Travel FunctionOperation control at stationsThrough turning the key switch insatalled on a specific floor( optional), the elevator can e arranged to stop service for a certain floors.
    Door open time extendingPress special button in the car, the lift door keeps open for certain period of time
    BellIn emergency conditions,if bell button above car operation panel is continuously pressed,electric bell rings on top of the car
    Hydraulic freight elevator parameter
    CapacityRated SpeedCar sizeDoor SizeHoistway sizeOverheadPit DepthMachine room sizeMax Traveling height
    (Kg)(m/s)WxD(mm)2P side opening2P center openingWxD(mm)(mm)(mm)WxDxH(mm)(m)
    50000.252400×3600/2400x24004000x4250450017004000x4250x250012china cargo elevator factory