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    As one of the leading electric vibro hammer with double motors manufacturer and equipped with a productive factory, Zhenjiang Zhenzhong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd can offer you customized dual motor drive vibratory hammer, crane pile hammer, vibro hammer with double motors, 60kw×2 electric vibro hammer, dual motor type vibro hammer made in China in stock. Welcome to check the price with us.
    Vibratory Hammer utilizes periodic exciting force to make the surrounding soil liquefied and reduce the soil friction to pile to make pile embedded.That could drive concrete pile,large toe pile,lime pile,debris pile,steel pipe pile,l-piles,sheet piles etc.
    This series of vibratory hammer has specially designed electric motor, which could greatly reduce fault
    operation of the machine and extend the life span of the equipment.
    1.Easy operated and Easy maintained.
    2.Versatile.Could be applied to gravel pile,sand pile.sheet pile and so on.
    3.An ideal piling equipment for bridge, port,railway,road’s construction work.
    Motor Power11kw×222kw×230kw×245kw×260kw×2
    Eccentric moment120nm238nm310nm430nm700nm
    Centrifugal force134kn277kn360kn530kn786kn
    Max. Extraction Force50kn200kn200kn200kn400kn
    Overall DimensionsH1.5m1.94m2.07m2.11m2.54m
    Total weight2000kg3420kg4500kg5860kg11775kg
    Clamps (sheet pile clamp and pipe pile clamp)
    Control Box
    1.Iron pallet packaging
    2.Wooden case packaging
    Working casetractor mounted pile driver Made in China