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  1. Joanne Bauer

    Hi Natashia

    Please contact me on 0737045122/0793065889/0632022791/ urgently. I need the file with case No.8360/2010 that you were assisting with when you were at LesterHall/Fletcher Inc. I am representing myself. I need this file urgently. This file can’t be located anywhere at High court. I have made several visits to High Court to check if they have found it with no avail. Please let me know where you left this file so I know where to search. I was at Lesterhall this morning and Sandi informed me that the file is not with them. Sandi suggested that I look at Probono but Seshi is not available today.

    I wait in anticipation for your response. I need to find this file 8360/2010

    Kind Regards
    Joanne Bauer

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