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Access the Justice System for all people

About ProBonoMatters

What is ProBonoMatters?

ProBonoMatters is an open online platform designed to help ordinary people access the Justice System to secure and exercise their rights and freedoms

What is the Matter?

The post 1994 South Africa has been blessed with one of the most progressive constitutions in the world and yet the freedoms and rights it promises remain inaccessible to a significant majority of the country’s citizens.

Justice System is the Key

One of the key vehicles that can ensure equitable accessibility of the basic constitutional freedoms and rights is the justice system as defined in Section 34 of the Constitution. But then the justice system itself has been commodified, making it largely inaccessible to the economically marginalised masses.

Ensuring Human Dignity

ProBonoMatters is born of an ambition to ensure equitable access to the justice system which should then actualise a host of other rights and ensure human dignity.

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